Jetways with Airline logos meaning?

Hi everyone, I have a question.

At Airports, there are sometimes Jetways that have Airline logos on them. Does this mean they lease those gates from the airport? At Manchester, Delta has their Gates at 5 and 6, American at 8 and 9, and Southwest from 11-15(A). United doesn’t really have a logo at any of their gates at MHT, they only use Gate 1.

What do they mean?

Don’t mind the catering truck, this is a Gate with Southwest signage on it.


US is different than Europe, as most jetways in Europe are mostly made from glass, and is served by multiple airlines, while in the US whole concourses are served by only one airline.

Manchester don’t have a big airport as far I’m concerned, so instead of having whole concourses, they have separate gates


I think it’s supposed to be Manchester in New Hampshire 😉

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Yes, I thought everyone knew Manchester, NH haha. I meant to say Manchester, NH, but MHT also works since Manchester UK is MAN, not MHT

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Jetway branding. Airlines own these gate areas so they can customize it as they please and have sole use of them.


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