Jetway issues in E11 and E13 gates at Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL)

Mistake Jetway connection when arrive to Philadelphia International Airport from Nashville International Airport

What’s the issue?

It’s a bit difficult to see, but the jetways conflict.

I’ve forwarded this to the Editor. Thanks for the report.

Ohhh I didn’t see it before

Thanks for the report.
It’s been relayed to the airport editor of KHPL.

A few tips for next time though, to make things more obvious:

  • please give more detail about the issue
  • please use the airport ICAO code
  • please supply a screenshot with daylight

This would make identifying the issue and getting the report to the right person a lot easier.

Hopefully the editor will be able to fix these issues soon.

Thanks for taking the time to report this.
It will help to make IF even better. :)

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