Jetway Issue

Device: iPad 2021.
Operating system: iOS 15

Just parked at Nice Int. Airport and the Jetway went through the aircraft. I don’t think the aircraft was too small for the stand but I thought I should ask to see if anyone I knows why?

Jack :)


Oh wow 😂😂😂 the guy operating the jet bridge, must have forgotten to put his specs on 😂😂😳 I found that it wasn’t full flush with the plane at egll the other day, I understand a small gap but passengers would of had to jump with the gap it left.


Which gate was this at?


I can’t remember but it was definitely terminal 3 area with the 2 jet bridges

Feel free to make your own #support topic for that—I was wondering about which gate the OP was at when this happened to them at LFMN.

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Yeah it’s fine, was yesterday or day before I think, I tried looking with the free camera but couldn’t handle the free camera properly 😂

See the post below for fix information:


I believe the devs are aware of Thais at multiple airport

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