Jetway Fix

Hello All!, love this app/simulator. But there is one thing that i always get annoyed with and decreases realism to the beutiful airports in Infinite Flight. Whenever i use a widebody aircraft. i Always get the stairs and Jetbridge atached to door 1L.

In 99% of cases/airports most two front door aircraft like widebodies (A321 exception) always use door 2L(as seen in the image bellow). This might be a very simple fix. But with single Jetway gates the experience feels always unrealistic.

Hope to see a solution soon!


It’s always the little things that make a big difference in realism!

For more chance of getting this in, you should perhaps make a feature request based on this topic.



Unfortunately at this time this is a setting which the user themselves cannot change. I also agree that it would be great to have the ability to select which door you would like the jetbridge to connect to if parking on a bay with only one bridge and flying a widebody.

At the current moment, bridges will connect to L1 as priority over L2.


There is one gate at Arlanda airport that the gate goes to L2


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