Jetway/Door Positioning problem for A330

Hi all, I have spawned at PHNL at Gate E8 (to replicate real world flight gate number) for a flight to KATL and I tried adjusting the plane parking position a few times but the jetway will always position itself in a way that the opened door will glitch through the jetway, is this a common occurence at other airports as well?

Edit: I just spawned again at gate E9 at PHNL and the door positioning is still off for door 1L. Door L2 seems ok.

Yeah thats just how it is. Some planes do that some dont with the doors. Personally I find it more annoying the jetbridge goes to L1 not L2 when its just a single one.


I see, but I thought there will be more feedback on this…seems like most do not mind but anyways I think this can be improved

Just fixed it on the 333 and 339, restart the app to update the airplane config.


Hey Laura,please try fixing it on the upper deck for the A380 as well,the jet bridge doesn’t quite reach the proper height to connect to the upper Deck door…

Thanks for the fix @Laura

I think 777 is also the case for L1

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And 757 is also a bit weird for L1.

P.S. All devs are amazing and this update is incredible. These issues are quite small and don’t take away from your amazing work. Thanks!


This is an editor issue, the 3rd bridge needs to be a bit higher at the base.


I agree, I would love to be able to have more control over the jetbridge connections in the future and chose what door(s) they go to/don’t go too.

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