Jetway Door Alignment (A380)

Issue I noticed earlier today with the A380, upon connecting the jet bridges to the aircraft. Bridge 1, 2 work fine and go to the lower decks door L1, L2. However the third one tries to go to the upper deck L1, and the jetway doesn’t quite make it.

Upper deck issue

The stowed position

Device Info
2018 iPad Pro 11”
iPadOS 15.3.1

Gate Info
Gate 9
International Terminal
Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl.


I think thats because of the weird shape of the fuselage of A380, it will be fixed soon definitely

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With the weird fuselage shapes, it’s usually the hood that doesn’t quite lining up, or doors going through the hood, in this case the end portion doesn’t even cover the majority of the door. I’m not completely convinced that it’s not an issue with the max length/height of the bridge, but I’ll wait for Laura.

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Able to reproduce-iPhone 12 Pro Max…

Hmm i dont know, there were other people that reported it and moderators said its becaise of the fuselage but, it maybe cause of that

Extra image from the jetway door looking at the aircraft, it doesn’t even get close to the correct height so I don’t think it’s just to do with the fuselage shape.

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Oh i did not understand its about that hmm i really dont know why would that be other than incorrect jet bridge, lets just wait flr moderator or someone who may know to come

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