JetSuperior5192's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone. Is been a huge while (literally)… but I’m working to rejoin IFATC.

I’ve just passed the Written Test. Although I don’t have a scheduled session for the Practical Test yet, I’m making this thread with the pruporse of training a bit before taking the test. Your help will be appreciated!

Please note that I’ll be always on Ground & Tower frequencies on this thread, and obviously it will be on the Training Server…


  • Airport: KAFW
  • Runways: 34s
  • NOTAMS: No Heavy aircraft

Some things I would like to let you know:


  • Do not do such tests like “RWY Invasion” or something else.
  • Be always respectful when flying. Follow all instructions.
  • Give honest feedback, PLEASE. Is a great manner to see If I’m progressing or not!
  • If I see trolling on my airspace, I’m gonna pretend that it don’t exist. If the trolling is just excessive and annoying… idk, guess I’ll report to the mods? Anyways, trolls will be ignored from the time being.

Again, your help will be appreciated. If you want to be on my tag list below just simply let me know :)



Thank you for helping me through this process… and see you soon! :)


I’m open @ KMSY. Intersecting runways today. RWY’s 29 and 2 in use. No NOTAMS

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I’ll go,My call sign is United3372

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@StarAviation I’ll close in 10 min…

OK,good day!

Glad to see you reapplying! If it helps, training is also a good option. I know of a lot of good trainers who are my peers and good friends. Check that out as well! I’ll try to come to a couple of your sessions if you plan to open again. Ping me if you’re ever open!

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Thank you @Adventures. I was about to think about it… however, I’m going easy this time since, well, school :(
But definetly I’ll take your advice!

Thank you so much!

KMSY closed

That’s also not a problem. You can always schedule around your school stuff as it’s usually based on your schedule but nw!

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Hello all. I’m testing this evening. So I’m opening up KAFW to get some final practice in. Your help will be appreciated a lot!

Runways: 34 R and L

NOTAMS: Avoid heavy aircraft please.

TAGS: @Adventures

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On my way.

Edit: Nevermind, completely forgot I was already in a flight. Good luck!

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Jeez. That’s fine. Thank you for trying at least lmao

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Now closed

Successfully passed the test!