JetSuperior5192's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KNKX - (Passed Practical)

Hello Folks, welcome to my ATC tracking thread.

Is been a huge while since I control as ATC in the Expert Server (Left IFATC as a result), so well, why not doing some practice?

This thread has the intentions on regaining my skills as ATC, and, in the future, (IF I Want) rejoining IFATC. For now, I’ll enjoy controlling some nice airports in the Training Server.

General Rules

  • Fly Professionally
  • Avoid Trolling and Spam
  • When taking off to do pattern work, use “remaining in the pattern”
  • Avoid doing such test as “entering the RWY without permission”, runway invasion, and other things. These are annoying.
  • Give your feedback respectfully, and most al all: In a HONEST manner. There may be some issues so I can correct them.

Note: trolls “can” be ignored.

ATC Information

All sessions will be in TS during the duration of this thread

  • Airport: KNKX
  • Runways: 24s
  • Frequencies: Always Ground & Tower

See you there!

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Ok, open at MMUN for at least 30 minutes. Pattern work, inbounds/depatures and parallel operations are accepted :)

Unfortunately I am not available right now but you can tag me next when you are open! 👍🏼

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Sure! Thanks for your interest! :)

MMUN Local frequencies now closed!

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@JetSuperior5192 You can tag me, so I know when you are open!

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Sure. Thank you!

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Feel free to tag me when you open!

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Oki. Thanks for helping out!

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Alright, I’m opening LTAN Local frequencies. Seems like a good airport for Pattern Work. Avoid heavies please.

Tags: @FN60fps @Cooper @Henrik003

Runway 01s in use

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@FN60fps after you are done I’ll close :)

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Alright. Closed! Thanks for coming :)

Feedback (OK-LOL)

Everything was great!

Just a few mistakes that you made…

  • The transition altitude should have been 6,000 feet, 5,500 feet was too low. The formula is airport elevation + 2,500 feet, then round it up to the nearest 500.

  • When I requested inbound for landing, you should have cleared me for landing not for the option. Since I did not request a Touch and Go clearance.

    Otherwise, great job today, It was nice to be in your frequency.

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Great! Thanks for coming

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tag in future session

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Sure! Thanks for the help :)

Alright, @FN60fps @Henrik003 @Cooper @Alexbg29 I’ve got some time now. Opening @ KTPA (Tampa)

19s in use so I can practice parallel runways. Winds are 130 @ 08 as of now.

Anyone else, you are free to join :)

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Hi! When will you close?

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In probably 40-30 min

I’m gonna stop by then :) See you in a minute!

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Thanks Nils! :D