JetstreamTV - KLM Cockpit tales.

KLM Cockpit movies -

I just wanted to share this amazing website with everyone. It has a selection of English, KLM cockpit movies that are amazingly informative and great quality.

My personal favourite is - KLM 737-800 AMS to LHR

I’m a big fan of ‘Cockpit Movies’ if you have any other similar websites, please share!

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Thanks for sharing, I think a lot of people on here would have great interest in this!

I would love to hear some other people’s suggestions as to similar sites. Hope everyone enjoys! Happy new year @Louis

I assume you found this out from the crossing the Atlantic thread

No, I found this on Facebook. KLM post ‘cockpit tales’ that are extracts of the videos on this site. Enjoy!

A link to the whole series for anyone wanting.

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