JetStream Virtual | Connecting The World | Official Thread [2021]


This Official JetStream Virtual Thread

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Established on 2nd April 2021, JetStream Virtual is a virtual airline based on the mobile simulator Infinite Flight. We are an all-executive jet virtual airline with no prefixed routes. As our motto, Connecting The World says, we aim to serve the virtual niche market of flying private charter flights from anywhere to everywhere. JetStream Virtual provides luxury short hauls to luxury ultra-long hauls for our virtual customers. We are primarily based in Singapore Changi Airport, WSSS with Zurich Airport LSZH, Velana International Airport VRMM, and Los Angeles International Airport KLAX as Secondary Hubs.

Our Staff

Role Name Description
CEO & Co-Founder @CameronH21 Cameron is in charge of overseeing all the operations of JetStream Virtual. He is also in charge of the coming up with codeshares with other VAs.
COO Vacant The COO will assist the CEO with the behind-the-scenes action of the VA.
Events Officer Vacant The Events Officer is in charge of creating interesting, amazing and fun events for everyone in the VA.
Flight Officer @Amrlazer AMR is in charge of validating all PIREPs filed by our pilots. He is also in charge of promoting pilots.
Flight Officer Vacant The Flight Officer is in charge of validating all PIREPs filed by our pilots and is also in charge of promoting pilots.
Technology Officer Vacant The Technology Manager is in charge promoting the VA on social media and up keeping our communication platform, Discord.

There is no restriction on the routes that our pilots fly except for the aircrafts which will still be limited to their range. Upon reaching the next rank, the pilot is required to contact the COO, who will then access the pilot who would be flying the aircraft he/she would be upgrading to. Once the checkride is over and the pilot has passed, the pilot will be promoted and can continue flying in the new aircraft. This step is repeated each time a pilot is ready to rank up until the pilot reaches the highest rank.

In order to ensure that our pilots are satisfied with our service, staff members will reach out to individuals to ask for any feedback which would then be discussed between the staff members during monthly board meetings. Staff members will then decide on the best methods of going about certain changes. A healthy organisation requires agreement among its members, so the staff members will ensure that everyone is on the same page and are enjoying themselves in JetStream Virtual.

With a lot of help from @Adrian_K and @Z-Tube , we have designed and customized a brand new crew centre for our pilots hosted by VABase. Our crew centre, which is based on @KaiM 's custom FLARE CC, allows our pilots to file pireps easily and also allows our pilots to quickly search and book flights from our subsidiary’s route database. It also automatically promotes our pilots to our various ranks, tracks miles and fuel used, features a live map of all JSVA flights and features easy access to VA and pilot statistics. Our crew centre is also constantly getting updated to make sure we offer our pilots the latest features to make their experience with us as fun and simple as possible.



Cessna Citation X









JetStream Virtual features nine pilot ranks up to 300 hours
JS Trainee JS Cadet JS Second JS First JS Senior First JS Captain JS Senior Captain JS Commander JS Elite Commander
N/A 0-15hrs 15-30hrs 30-60hrs 60-100hrs 100-150hrs 150-225hrs Over 225hrs Selected Pilots [Min: 250hrs]
TBM930 CRJ200 Cessna Citation X ACJ318 / BBJ737 BBJ757 MD11 ACJ330 / BBJ787 ACJ350 BBJ777

We, at JetStream Virtual, are elated to have you with us! Please have a look at our pilot requirements below and fill out your application form here. You will be contacted within 24 hours of your application.

Pilot Requirements:

  • Have a valid IFC account with good standing.

  • Have a valid e-mail address.

  • Have access to Discord and Airtable.

  • Be 13 years of age or older.

  • Be able to log a flight at least once a month.

  • Own an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

  • Be Grade 3 or higher.

  • Have no more than three level 3 violations in the past 12 months.

  • Have at least 50 hours of flight time in the simulator.

  • Have a violation to landings ratio under 25%.


Congratulations on your approval. I am very excited to see what the future awaits for JetStream Virtual. To all those you still have doubts about joining, I am gonna say only one sentence “give it a try” as you won’t get a chance to complain. Amazing staff and amazing VA.

Congratulations once again and a remarkable effort from the staff team.


Thank you @Adrian_K



That is a gorgeous thread. Welcome to the VA world JSV!


Thank you for your kind words @DanG387


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Congratulations on getting approval! Nice Thread


Congrats on your approval, I love seeing special VA’s like this!


Thank you @CrisYe for your kind words!

@Lotus , if you do, then why not join us?! 😏



Congrats for the Approval ! And welcome in the VA Community !

PS : Is a wonderful thread !


Wonderful Thread! Congratulations on approval!


Welcome to the VA community! Wish you all the best in the future! Great thread!


Great thread!

Just a quick question, are pilots able to fly the C-172?

Good luck 🎉🔥


Unfortunately, no. All of our pilots start training directly on the TBM-930!

Additionally, thanks @Skydriver900 and @HappyDays, We appreciate your support!



Alright thanks, as I will be flying the C-172 a lot this month, a VA to fly for would be nice.


Completely understand, have smooth, safe flights!


Look amazing just applied


@ELDEN_PLATENBERG , check your pm. I sent you something

This VA surely looks interesting. Just applied!

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Thank you for applying! Please do check your pm! 😉

Disregard that,

Anyways amazing thread, I just applied 😃

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