Jetstar Versus Tigerair Australia [POLL CLOSED] Thanks to those who voted!

Hello fellow community, I am planning to visit Sydney for a holiday (depart Brisbane) and was wondering which airline would be better to fly. Jetstar I believe is slightly more expensive but offers a wider variety of things in flight. But Tigerair seems to be better with delays and airport handling etc. I need your help, What are your thoughts?


  • Tigerair Australia
  • Jetstar

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I went on jetstar last month on my way back to Brisbane from Sydney and got cancelled. We got two extra days in sydney and for some reason a day in cairns??? I mean if you want an extra couple days on ur holiday for free go with jetstar

Thanks @TimR I don’t think I will be able to so I will take that into consideration!

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I’ve been on Tigerair the service is mediocre, I’d say choose Jetstar but since it’s only a 1 hour journey you can go for Tigerair.

Ok, thanks @ADDY28 I guess that will mean it’s pricing and timing

And are there assigned seats? That’s a big one for me (window seat!)

Yes jetstar is assigned seats

Ok cool! That helps a lot

Anyone know if that is the same on Tigerair

I believe TigerAir is a small charge, but haven’t flown since 2014 when I was a small 11 year old boy.

Yes, Tigerair charges a small additional fee to pick your seat. I would probably go with Tigerair though out of the two as I have flown a lot more with them, than I have with Jetstar.

I believe Jetstar in my opinion has more delays than Tiger (believe it or not) and the same level of service.


Personally my family has had a sub-par experience with Tiger compared to Jetstar (More delays + Cancellations etc). Personally I prefer to fly Tiger as Its cheaper for essentially the same product if not better. It’s definitely not my first choice when it comes to longer domestic routes.

Overall with Tigerair you get what you pay for. Jetstar is a little bit more expensive and your getting the same product as Tiger sometimes worse.

I’ve flown jet star three times and never had an issue

If TigerAir flights are cancelled there are less flights to book you on for the same day. My flight was cancelled and we got rebooked on the next day but for a one hour flight either is fine whatever is cheapest

I’ve flown on Jetstar nearly every year and have never had a bad experience. The longest day I’ve had was around an hour and I’ve never come across a rude Jetstar employee. Their product is pretty good for the price you pay, so for those reasons I’d go with Jetstar

Well, if it is an hour flight, I would go with the cheapest one.

I just happen to have been on both while I was in Australia with a group of friends - JetStar was definitely better - flight attendants on TigerAir were good but the JetStar ones were absolutely incredible - reminded me of the humour of the TUI FA’s - but yeah…

I would recommend JetStar over TigerAir

Jetstar. Every day of the week over tiger. So much better in every way

Thanks to all, such different perspectives

Tiger air 100% better