Jetstar to operate 787's until 26th January 2017?

I’m confused, I went on the dreamliner page on Jetstar’s page and found this little print:
*Operated by Jetstar Airways until 26th January 2017.
No idea what is going on with their -8’s after this date. Any suggestions on what is going on?

The print was found here:

Maybe their lease ends? I couldn’t find any information about Jetstar’s 787s.

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I don’t think they’re under a lease, Jetstar is owned by the Qantas Group and are ordered directly from Boeing.


Probably 787 will become to qantas?

Pretty sure they’re supposed to only operate the 787-9’s, perhaps they’re stealing the -8’s off Jetstar sneakily?

Qantas are only receiving 787-9s, not 787-8s.

Qantas isn’t going to go bankrupt anytime soon.

I think Qantas will just extend the lease. They’re owned by Qantas.

They might get Qantas to operate the route for them and that’s only the Melbourne to Narita route.

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Hmmmm, that is interesting… I am doing some digging and trying to find out

Jetstar will renew their permit of flights specifically on the Boeing 787, surely operations with the Boeing 787 will continue. It’s mainly due to the permits or license Jetstar have.

Why what has he done

Qantas reportedly said that the 787-8 while owned by Qantas and flown by Jetstar some will be moved to Qantas, until all 787-9’s are delivered. You know kind of like what happened with the A330’s being transferred to make room for the 787-8

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I contacted Jetstar, the explanation I wrote above is the most reliable answer. It is highly unlikely Qantas will transfer the Boeing 787-8 for a matter of months waiting on the arrival of the Qantas 787-9 (seeing as though the B787-9 is delivered next year).

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