Jetstar & Qantaslink Virtual Infinite Flight


Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight is considering a whole new operations centre (website) for our subsidiaries Jetstar and QantasLink Virtual Infinite Flight. It will present the same features as our current webpage and members will still be able to log in to the new webpages.

  • Yes, an implementation of a Jetstar and QantasLink webpage would be good!
  • No, I don’t think the implementation of a Jetstar and QantasLink webpage would be good.
  • Other

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We’d also appreciate some feedback into this especially if you select other!

Members of Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight will be emailed a link to our in-depth survey in the next hour.


I’m also debating with making a seperate page for Tigerair au on Virgin Aus site.

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We’ll probably go ahead with our plans. We’ll let you know how we go!


At this point it’s only surveys and discussion, we have been thinking about this for some time and only now have we started organising it.

We thought that asking our members and the community would be the best way of deciding if we go ahead with our plans.


Just a heads up that IFSIAVA has already incoporated Jetstar Asia and Tigerair (Singapore)!

Wish you the best of luck :)


Thank you but… Qantas Virtual IF has been operating since 2012 and has taken the Jetstar VA network as there partner. These are not new VAs but separated groups from the Qantas network.


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