JetStar Pilot forgets to lower the landing gear

Yup, you read that right. The pilot of a JetStar flight to Ballina Airport NSW forgot to lower the aircraft’s landing gear on landing, causing a go around.

Reminds me of my good old IF newbie days 😂

What are your thoughts on this?

Read the full story:
(Not the exact same plane)

(Photo by me


Check list saves lives


Ballina is in Australia… JetStar’s been in the new of late, their pilots about to go on strike, now this what else is there?

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Sounds like me like 3 year ago. Not putting down landing gear!


Sounds like every pilot at KLAX in Casual.


Sounds more like something Ryanair would do 😂


Yeah that’s true hahaha

That’s a new one.

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Once again, we’ve all been there lol

This incident reminds me of the Vietnam Airlines air raft that forgot to lower their landing gear too!

If only those pilots had IFAssistant. TOO LOW GEAR! 😂


If only they had feature like in IF that they don’t get altitude callouts if gear is not down. 🤦‍♂️

JetStar are about to lose a star

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@CaptainNoGear hmmm where have I see this before…😂

YES!! The curse is back!! 😂😂😂

Reminds me of this:


It would show on the ECAM as:
Landing Gear…Down (Blue) LDG INHIBIT
Gear Not Down (Red)
they most like missed the “ECAM memo, landing no blue” check on the landing checklist, or completely forgot the checklist
@FBWFTW do the CEOs have an aural warning?

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Haha…This is so me when I was a noob at sims!

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It would be ECAM memo GEAR plus too low GEAR

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Ah yup, that sounds better, but that begs the question of how they could miss the gear handle being up, and the ECAM