Jetstar photo comp

Same captin ed

Where are you based?

Me?? Jakob

Oh you mean vietjet

Yeah, I am based in canberra

I’m based in KSAN and YSSY but I may have made a deal with Thai va and Etihad va and we may become one big group of airlines


Quantaslink Q 400 now ?? On live causal server do you have discord


Hi All,

No deal has been made or even remotely considered with @Jordan2 to merge into a new VA, however I can’t speak on behalf of Thai Airways Virtual’s arrangements.

Jordan is not part of Etihad VA, and thus does not represent us here on the forum or on IF.

Any further relations with Etihad Virtual should be through myself or our COO @JDE1303

Many Thanks,
President of Etihad Airways Virtual


I’m happy that he got suspended. He got on my nerves ;)

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I’m back and I learnt my lesson


I was talking to bensonb

Sorry I realized after I posted ;)

Okay :) :)

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Ok good to hear. We need to see you change, not just hear you telling us that you will change. Ugh what a mouthful ;)

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how about thinking of starting just one VA and get that running rather than try and get three going?

Have a look in the VA topic section as there are lots of threads on best way to start a VA etc


Why create a VA if you’re just gonna give it away when you finish it? Seems pointless to me.


I don’t think anyone is going to beat @Ninetales

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Have you sought approval from IFVARB to begin construction of these VA’s. If not you need to contact @Ben_Schenk or @NEO

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Jordan. Please contact me, because you do not own rights to any VA’s at the moment. You are still a basic, and you aren’t allowed to create one, let alone three. If it continues we will have to place you on a VA creation ban, so please, just wait your turn until you are a member to create a VA. Then, we’ll sort it out for you.

Everyone else, the VA’s he claimed are still up for the taking by any member or above.

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