Jetstar Hawaii Flight @ PHNL - 102100ZSEP16

Server: *TRAINING SERVER 1 * Note change of Server!

Region: *Hawaii Region *

Airport: PHNL to PHTO

Time: 2100ZULU, 2200/10 London , 0700/11 Sydney , 1400/10 LA

check your local time here : GMT to EST Converter - Convert Greenwich Time to Eastern Time - World Time Buddy

NOTAM: All Welcome to join!

Come join us as Qantas Virtual hosts a Jetstar themed PHNL-PHTO flight. Bring your B787 or A320 in Jet Star livery or your Hawaiian Airlines B717 / B767 or any suitable visiting aircraft!

As on Expert server please follow all appropriate rules and if ATC is present their instructions as well.

Please find below charts for both airports

PHNL AirNav: PHNL - Daniel K Inouye International Airport

PHTO AirNav: PHTO - Hilo International Airport

Please file a flight plan before push back and follow SID and STAR as appropriate

look forward to seeing you in the skies!


Were you meant to say Hawaiian or Hawaini?

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glad you have sharp eyes…

Hawaii is what I was aiming for!

With the XP requirements changed whilst I was away on holiday, please note that for this event have changed the server to Training Server 1 so that we can have maximum attendance.

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can someone tell me what day and time this is western?

try this

Time: 2100ZULU, 2200/10 London , 0700/11 Sydney , 1400/10 LA

check your local time here :

I will take part.
See you in some hours.


20 mins to go! See you all there!


Can’t come. Don’t have Hawaii 😔

$5 footlong!

I mean $5 Region!

Yeah, but it seems like a waste with global coming soon.

Live+ then?

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Thank you to all those who made it.

Shame people all crowded together to land which caused a few go arounds. Remember your spacing next time, min 2 miles between aircraft on approach and don’t overtake!!


Beautiful Night flight



Great pics !!


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