Jetstar Goes Surfing! @ PHTO - 192100ZJAN17

Server: Training


Airport: PHTO - PHNL

Time: 2100Z / Thursday 19th January

AIRCRAFT: A320 / B787 Jetstar, or Hawaii B767 / B717

NOTAM: Hawaii 5-0, Jetstar goes surfing

Join Qantas Virtual as we fly the Jetstar 208 service from PHTO up to PHNL, all welcome to come along and enjoy flying in this wonderful region.

Please follow real life published departure and arrival procedures and if there is active ATC (any volunteers?)please follow their instructions as well.

All Qantas Virtual pilots can file a PIREP.

Happy Landings

David L


Sounds awesome!

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Cool, will definetly come!

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Does Jetstar actually operate that flight

Same question here!

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No, however Jetstar does do flights from Sydney & Melbourne to Honolulu

Yeah that’s what I thought

Jetstar goes surfing! I like it! Who came up with that name?

I am pretty sure it was Mr David Lockwood (@David_Lockwood) himself ;)

Well, (even though he’ll probably see this post) tell him it was a GREAT! Name.

Currently Qantas Virtual operates regional flights in our destination regions for the international flights from Sydney. Once Global is released then we will scale back these operations inline with the real life practices.

Our JST 208 is based on a real life flight Hawaiian 208 which flys this route using the B717 and Occ A330. All our flights are based on real life operations in order to add to realism and enjoyment for our members.

Hi,I can be ATC today.

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30 mins to go…

PHTO is currently using 08 for take-of and landings ( just watched a B748 go through an active volcano to land…)

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Is the event still going

Have I not slept past it

It’ll start in 15mins

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Just showing the flight plan ;-)

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Some photos from the event:

This was a great event! Well organised and thought out, managed to snap a few pics from the flight. I’d like to thatnk everyone for coming along. 😎🇦🇺

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I did it backwards ahaha ha my mistake

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