Jetstar Flight had to turn around after ground support member forgets his clipboard in the plane engine

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A Jetstar Airbus A320 from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia was forced to turn around because a ground crew member forgot to remove his clipboard from the plane’s right engine.

Apparently, the ground worker was conducting a pre-flight check on the plane when he placed his clipboard in the plane’s engine cowling covering to protect the papers from the rain and wind. Before pushback, he forgot to retrieve them.

A dispatcher conducting a walk-through of the aircraft before takeoff saw the clipboard but then thought that it was going to be retrieved.

In the end, no one came to retrieve the clipboard before the plane took off.

As the plane was taxiing to the runway, ground crew members noticed scraps of paper littering the ground and alerted the flight crew of the situation. The captain decided to turn back to the gate for the safety of the passengers.

The engine’s fan blade an attrition liner (used to soften noise) suffered minor damages after the clipboard was “injested” by the engine.

How did Jetstar react to this situation?

Jetstar has updated its dispatch procedure guidelines and provided more detailed rules for aircraft checks from the ground crew.

What is my opinion on this situation?

In my opinion, I think the dispatcher who was conducting a walk-through of the aircraft should’ve picked up the clipboard and ask who it belongs to. Even though it was raining or windy, the papers would have to be submitted anyway. Least he can do is to alert everyone else for a walkie (I wonder if they have walkies XD) or with any other form of a communication system to let them know that the plane can’t depart yet.

Credits go to Fox News where I got this information from.

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This is an interesting one sounds to me like someone realizes they left there coffee on a car after they start driving. Glad to hear they returned safely this is a prime example how such small things involving aircraft need to be taken care of as soon a possible

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I thought they had departed Auckland and was turned around. But either way lucky they had caught it just intime


If I ever need to get rid of classified business papers in an effective way, I think I know what to do 😂


Once again, the media is late to the party! This happened last year! Lol.

I believe there ground support crew in NZ are taking more care now ;)


Once again, clap it up for the ground crew! We need to give them a medal for their ignorance!


People make mistakes :) we are all human.


It’s weird because he put it under the engine cowling covering and forget about it when he was supposed to be submitting it. XD

Human mistakes XD
A lot of times they can threaten the safety of an airplane.

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It’s like forgetting your coffee cup on the roof of your car… except in this case you’re not gonna end up with coffee on your windscreen xD


Just when you think possibly nothing else could cause a plane crash, there’s always something that could go wrong. (even though this plane didn’t crash, just an example)

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Well we know who just had their last day at work…


They should fire that Ground Assistant, The engine maybe could’ve blown up, and yes only by a clip board!

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This reminds me of the by standard effect

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How some people do this stuff can be simply amazes me, NOT in a good way!

It’s not dumb. It’s just a simple mistake. I’m sure you have made a mistake before, right?

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I hope you don’t make the same mistake though. Because the clipboard could be really damaged

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@anon88794458, what have you done this time? Haha JK :)

Well Yes (Duh)
My bad for the response, it really was just human error

People make mistakes all the time. We need more pre-flight inspection steps (add “is the clipboard and whatever we brought near the plane with us?”)

True, lol.

I feel like this happens every few months, some ground crew seem to be quite clumsy 🤔