Jetstar flight forced to divert due to windscreen crack

Jetstar, the causal server of airlines. It’s one of Australia’s largest carriers and probably least classy however it serves a purpose: getting Aussie bogans to Bali, yesterday that unfortunately didn’t happen.

On Wednesday flight JQ37 from Sydney, Australia to Denpasar, Indonesia when the pilots noticed a crack in the cockpit windscreen as the five years old 787-8 was travelling over the western part of the Northern Territory at 40,000ft. The aircraft was about halfway through it was five and half hour journey to Denpasar when the decision was made to divert to the airline’s headquarters in Melbourne, the aircraft landed safely, and no one was injured, after arrival, all passengers were put in hotels overnight while the crack was fixed. It is unknown why the crack appeared. However, Jetstar has stated that safety was not compromised during the incident and that there was no structural damage to the aircraft.

Passengers on board the diverted flight asked on social media why the plane couldn’t have landed in Darwin, the closest airport to where the crack occurred. However, it’s seemingly because they probably couldn’t repair the aircraft there, instead opting to divert to Melbourne where repairs are readily available. As of the writing of this, the aircraft has not returned to service and is still on the ground in Melbourne.

The aircraft involved, VH-VKE, at Melbourne Airport full image credit


Yikes! Must be scary! Thankfully no one got hurt!

Ahh, @Louis is back with my daily source of news!

Interesting article mate!

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I have never heard of this happening before! Interesting story! As @PlaneLover said, glad no one got hurt!

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