Jetstar Asia (JSA387) A320 Singapore-Kuala Lumpur

It’s been a while since I flew in IF, I think I didn’t touch it since the B757 update.
As a way of breaking the ice, I decided to make a flight in one of the classic routes on IF, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. I was originally interested in flying the B738 with the livery of Malaysia Airlines, but that livery didn’t pop up in Flightaware, so I chose Jetstar Asia.

I flew on Solo as always, with standard weather conditions. Aircraft’s load was on Medium with the exception of the fuel, which was modified accordingly to what Simbrief instructed.

This flight wasn’t one of my best, since I was rusty and needed to learn some things on the go (such as the runway selection for NAV1, which was done on the go and on descent).

At the gate at Singapore.

Taxiing to runway 20C.

Smooth takeoff, definitely not a premonition of what was yet to come

Above WSSS, crossing WMK vor.

Cruising at FL240.

Nose down descent (manually) because I failed to capture the glideslope. I managed to get it later. Should have gone to 3000ft instead of the 4000 noted on the chart.


Float me to the moon, and let me float among the stars…

At a random gate at Kuala Lumpur. Notice also that I failed to stop and overan the parking space.


Perfect use of vocab lmao. I just learned about that words in class a few days ago. Anyways these are amazing shots! Hopefully you enjoy your time back in Infinite Flight.

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Lets just say the first few flights that I did are not as smooth as I wanted it to be with many unlucky events

Welcome back tho

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