Jetstar Asia A320 @ WMKK - 242100ZNOV16

Server: Training

Region: *Singapore and Kula Lumpur Region *

Airport: WMKK - Terminal 2

Time: 2100Z 24th November

NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Group Presents:

An opportunity to flex the wings on your A320 and B787 in Jetstar Livery. We will be flying Jetstar Asia evening flight 684 from WMKK down to WSSS, push back from WMKK at 2105 Zulu. please join for a group flight in your Jetstar branded A320 or B787, or bring along one of the local regional livery’s to add to the colour!

Look forward to seeing you there!




Planned for tonight, spawn at Terminal 2, WMKK from 2055. Pushback about 2105

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See you there!

Is this Over or ??

Was 2 hrs ago at 2100 Zulu.

Sorry can’t have. A second flight!

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Ah ok, 21:15Zulu have got joined, I saw nobody.

Im sorry but Jetstar Asia doesn’t operate the B787 😂
I hope you had fun thou :P

Been having connection issues recently, so sorry about that.

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True but was adding a little poetic license to the event ;-)

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