Jetstar and Virgin Australia Fined over Hidden Fees

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken action against Jetstar and Virgin Australia for “engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct and making false or misleading representations about the price of particular advertised airfares." This includes the hidden booking fees, credit card fees, false advertising and other costly booking options. Jetstar was fined $545,000 while Virgin Australia was fined $200,000. Action was taken against these airlines to manage hidden booking fees and to stop misleading information from being provided to customers.

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It’s good to hear they were fined over these fees, I’ve heard multiple people who are tired of extra costs added in the booking and boarding processes. What do you think about the action taken by Australia’s federal court?


Hidden fees (a.k.a Additional Charges) are very common to happen among Asian Carriers. Especially LCCs to make the ticket’s price looked cheaper (i.e AirAsia. Though at the end of your payment, you have to pay for some additional charges…). But I don’t think that can be something that can be brought to the justice imho


Good on the commission for doing this. Air travel is expensive enough in our vast country and hidden fees are just an extra pain. Glad the government is doing something right

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Why are there usually those hidden fees… what are they usually for?

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Spirit Airlines got fined over hidden fees a few years back here in the States. Glad they’re finally doing something about it!


The airline wants more money from you.

I wonder if Jetstar and Virgin will actually change after being fined?

Your government should do something about it (making them pay). Whatever the airline is advertising for their fare should be the amount you actually pay.

So virgin Australia is still a good airline is it?

Good to see these two airlines getting fined after forever of hidden fees.

Yeah it is, they didn’t have as many hidden fees as Jetstar luckily. I never knew they were making people pay more either.

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