Jetstar Airbus A321

Jetstar has gone straight to the headlines! Next time please don’t comment on all the Jetstar threads at once, you made some people confused :-D

Looks awesome! I like this livery.

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Wow, cool, nice livery for the A321 (honestly looks better than the A320 Jetstar)


We need this. Does the livery make the plane look so short or the plane make the livery look so long?


Correct, you’re probably used to seeing the A320.

Please change it to the new livery or should I make a request

There is no new Jetstar livery on the A321, unfortunately.

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They really should get rid of the .com it looks reall bad

Yeah the new livery looks so slick, especially with those lovely sharklets. They’re probably planning to phase these out sooner than the A320 even though they were ordered new by Jetstar.

Maybe but they could be trying to save money and makes it easier to identify each one but is still pretty easy

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There are only six of these, and only the new A320s are being painted in the new livery.

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I think you’re right.

Fynn you’re in luck! Meet Jetstar’s second oldest 2 month old A321 - they ordered 2 with winglets:

And it has the new livery!
Please see the new request: