Jetstar Airbus A320 10th Anniversary Livery

This livery was created to celebrate 10 years of Jetstar and I love all that orange.

Please note that they are 1 picture.


I like it but a bit to orange for me.

I love orange

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Most fav color, i need this!

  • I love it, needs to be in IF
  • It’s a cool addition
  • 50/50
  • Don’t like it so much
  • Ugh. I hate it.

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@anon31652286 @CaptainDawud @Riley_Dunshea @emir_sergio @GordenW amazing for our VA…


I think it’s a bit easyjety

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That’s Easyjet orange :-/

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This has been requested before but I can’t find it. My absolute full support, love the airline and livery!!