Jetstar Airbus A320 - 10th Anniversary Livery (VH-VGF)

Jetstar Airbus A320 - 10th Anniversary Livery (VH-VGF)

VH-VGF (A320-232)

Like many other Airbus A320’s, VH-VGF started her journey at the Airbus factory in Toulouse under the registration “F-WWIK”. On the 7th October, 2010, she rolled off the production line in a primer coat. More than a month later, on November the 8th, she took to the skies for the very first time in the regular Jetstar livery for testing and of course an interior fit-out at Hamburg Finkenwerder. On November 26th, flying as JST7992, she started her journey from the Toulouse factory to Melbourne, Australia via Dubai and Singapore. VH-VGF finally entered service on her first revenue flight 4 days later as JQ701 from Melbourne Tullamarine to Hobart. On the 7th May, 2014, almost 3.5 years after entering commercial service, she completed her last flight in the regular Jetstar livery and was flown to Singapore Seletar for what would be known as one of the most iconic Australian liveries. On the 23rd May, she arrived back in Melbourne in the “10th Anniversary” orange livery, to commemorate Jetstar’s achievement of operating successfully for 10 years. Returning back into service 4 days later, she continues to fly around Oceania, Orange as ever.

This is just an extract in my own words, original article linked here

On the left side of the aircraft, it reads #jetstargeneration, whereas on the right side it reads Low Fares Forever. For all the Europeans out there, it may remind you of EasyJet, as it is a little bit “EasyJet-y”

Why do we need Jetstar’s 10th Anniversary Livery?

I would like this livery as it really is something special. I haven’t flown on VGF, but I have flown on her sister, VGR a little more than a year ago.

If you enjoy flying short hauls, love the Australian countryside from every angle, are an Airbus fanboy and enjoy “variety” and “something different” rather than the existing Jetstar A320 (Which is now in service with Viva Aerobus as XA-VAH) This is the livery for you!

Don’t forget to give us a vote if you would enjoy seeing this request become a reality, as well as checking out (and hopefully voting for) Jetstar’s A320 New Livery, and A321 too!

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Didn’t expect to see you round here! This livery would be great to have.


Same here. You’ll find me here and there, just sorting the miscellaneous at the moment. Anyway, It would indeed be an awesome livery to have on our already brilliant A320 fleet. Hopefully we can get more votes. ;-)

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Great request that has my vote!! I’m sure most people call this Jaffa Jet though…


Thanks for your vote, It’s actually a flying Carrot. 🥕

Nevertheless I hope we one day see it in the sim. ;-)

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Hey Guys!

Giving this topic a bump as I saw the “Jaffa Jet” today while I was driving past Townsville Airport. She’s been there for almost two days after coming in as flight JQ916 from Melbourne. I hope it’s some kind of mechanical problem and the plane will not be repainted.

Seeing it in real life makes it more valuable than in pictures. So cast a vote, and hopefully we can see this beauty in Infinite Flight in the future!

Here is a picture I took! :-D

Sorry for going over the two picture count, just showing you something really special

Voted! This would have to be one of the coolest special liveries 😏


Thanks for your worthy vote, @LachyRobertson!

Definitely would be great to have in the simulator. +1 for more Variety in Jetstar’s fleet. Thanks for your support and maybe one day we can see this bird become a reality. #jetstargeneration #lowfareseveryday

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Nice idea! Do you think you can change the title to Jaffa Jet though, as thats what its most commonly called.
Great post though ;)

I love it. Sorry Out of votes

Ok I have one left. There you go

Three Words; Needs Adding Immediately!

Just voted for the jaffa jet.
Love seeing her irl too!

The Jaffa jet 😅. Miss seeing her around I flew on her a few years back and she’s the typical Jetstar experience Delayed by an hour then no food or drinks 🥺🥺

Miss u Jaffa ❤️

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Yes I would love to see this in the game ! Fingers crossed tho !

Nice livery !

Fresh orange 🍊 ✈️ 🇦🇺

Yes ! this livery HAS to be added , the one already in the game is a boring livery. This is so much better , and even a sharklet version should be added

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