Jetstar A320neo and A321neo Confirmed for 2018

This news is from February, but Qantas has delayed the order of 54 Airbus A320neo and 45 Airbus A321neo for Jetstar by 9 months from late 2017 until 2018 due to a profit loss. All 99 aircraft from the order are expected to be delivered by 2019. Older A320 aircraft operated by Jetstar are currently being phased out, and this year Jetstar is leasing A321s to meet route demand.

Jetstar A320neo computer generated image in the old livery
Credits: Airbus

Qantas will be awaiting the delivery of 737-8 MAXs sometime in the near future. Qantas also recently purchased Fokker 100 aircraft to replace 737-800s on low demand routes.

It is exciting to hear Qantas will still be getting Jetstar some new aircraft, especially the larger A321 which Jetstar needs. What do you think of this order? See the request for this livery here.


Great looking aircraft!
I love the Jetstar Livery, even though I don’t know much about the airline.

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It’s great Jetstar is getting some NEO’s. But Jetstar does need to improve its overall service for me to ever consider flying with them.


Letz go Airbus! Glad to see more airlines ordering a320 neo’s. This really shows how Airbus can sell their plane!

Screw Boeing and their Boeing 737Max. jkjkjkjkjk!I still love Boeing. They are both great:) Don’t take is seriously lol

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