JetStar 787-8 | Rocky Mountain Sunrise Flyover | Low Visibility

Hello again everyone. First of all, I want to give a bit of credit to Anshul28 for giving me the idea to get creative with some shots from the engine of this beautiful JetStar 787-8.

This is a simple flyover of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from KDEN (Denver) in Solo, and a hasty return after conditions became worse. These shots are awesome… check them out and let me know what you think!

^ A short taxi onto Denver Int’l’s runway 34R. As you can see, visibility is not on our side this morning. The sunshine makes the air look almost… polluted. Cweepy!

^ The Boeing 787-8 lifts off shortly after attaining a proper rotation speed, and the flexible wings bend beautifully as she climbs.

^ A prompt turn to the west, gear up! We’re headed for the Rockies!

^ Bye Denver, we’ll see you soon!

^ Shortly after reaching a conservative cruising altitude of 32,000 ft., our JetStar pilots have the opportunity to bask in the sheer beauty of the Colorado highlands. (That fog sure does look nasty…!)

^ Almost as quick as she came, it’s time for the star of the sky to return to Denver… the sun slowly but surely rising above the horizon. A short 180 to the east, and a fast descent later…

^ …and she’s lined up for runway 35L. That’s a pretty extravagant crosswind, Miss Dreamliner!

^ Handles it like a champ, yes she does. Throttle to idle, and grease that landing…

…spoilers out, reversers green! And, right on centerline. Outstanding! This jet is quite the star…

This one was real fun to make, folks. I love playing around with the weather settings in solo… and I can’t WAIT until they add clouds! Oof… the realism.

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JetStar in the Rocky Mountains? Realism= 100. Anyways nice photos :)


I really like that gear up photo!

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Thanks! Try checking out the one on my A350 carbon post. I think that one turned out a little bit better. :)

One day my friend, one day DEN will get Oceana service.


I unfortunately wasn’t thinking about the livery when I flew LOL. I just really like JetStar’s

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…When 787 pilots become youtubers and stick GoPros on the wings! 😂

Love the pics, the fog and mountains are really nice, great seeing all the different angles


Yessss! And thank you!

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Really nice pics! Jetstar should fly KDEN-YSSY!


Thank you!

I don’t think their such thing as a 787-800.

Great Photos!
Also btw, Canada has the best rockies!


You’re right… fixed! Didn’t know it wasn’t short for 800.

Would they fly off??

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It depends on how much flex tape you use… 😂😂 Now back on topic.

I do like that photo despite the joke


FLEXTAPE™ The super strong adhesive that keeps your camera from flying off the wing of your DREAMLINER!!

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Very realistic photos. Good joob 👍

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nice pics bro. Just curious to know are those really clouds?

I wish…! No, they’re “fake”. I reduced the visibility to below 2km in Solo mode. You can try it too!

Those are some amazing photos! We hope you enjoyed your flight!

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oh great. Thanks.