Jetstar 110 Flight Review

G’day IFC! Today I will share with you my flight to Bali ✈️

Server: Training
Flight Time: Around 3 Hours
Call sign: Jetstar 110
Aircraft: A320 (JetStar Livery)
A bit of information about this route:

Perth is located in Australia at the longitude of 115.84 and latitude of -31.96. Denpasar (Bali) is located in Indonesia at the longitude of 115.22 and latitude of -8.65 . This Route is very popular among West-Australian holidaymakers as it is only a hop, skip and jump away from the city of Perth. Pre-Covid there were as many as 4 airlines operating this route at a given time. This makes Bali an easily accessible and cheap paradise for the residents of this amazing city.

Photo 1:

A sunrise shot of the A320’s logo

Photo 2:

Rotating out of Perth!

Photo 3:

Climbing out over the seemingly endless beaches

Photo 4:

Cruising over the barren deserts of Western Australia

Photo 5:

Leaving the coast behind!

Photo 6:

A quick view of the cockpit 😉

Photo 7:

Starting our decent into WADD

Photo 8:

The coast of Bali barely visible…

Photo 9:

On Final!

Photo 10:

Parked and the gate and the flight is complete

Thank you for taking time to view this! Hope you enjoyed!



Nice pictures but unfortunately this post does not meet the guidelines set for #screenshots-and-videos as you are only allowed 10 pictures, I would recommend removing one.

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Much appreciated for the positive feedback and thank you letting me know. I’m pretty new so I’m still learning.

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Cool shots, I’m at Bali Airport right now and the aircraft that I’m flying on to Adelaide just landed from Perth!

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Nice One! Bali is always an amazing holiday.

4 and 10 are my favorites, nice report

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Thank you!