JetSmart Airbus A320-232 - "Halcón Peregrino"

Credit for this wonderful photo, by Vicente Valdebenito.

So, what the hell is JetSmart?

Glad you asked! Chances are you’ve never even heard of this airline. However, you might have heard of the Indigo Partners, as they were in the news recently. Indigo Partners are the owners of Wizz Air, Frontier and Volaris, along with JetSmart.

JetSmart is a chilean ultra low-cost carrier, based at Santiago de Chile’s Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL/SCEL). JetSmart’s first flight took off on July 25th, 2017. As of December, they operate several domestic flights from Santiago, as well as between other cities. They recently opened a route to Lima, Perú and have plans to expand to Argentina and more destinations in Chile and Perú.

If you’re interested in reading more, check this.

JetSmart’s fleet

As of December 2017, JetSmart operate 5 aircraft, all A320s (ceos). Much like another Indigo Partners airline, Frontier, every aircraft has a different chilean bird in the tail. The one in this request, CC-AWA, has a Peregrine Falcon.

I said earlier that you might have heard of the Indigo Partners as they were in the news. That’s because in November they announced one of the largest commercial orders in history, of more than 400 A320 family aircraft. JetSmart has 56 A320NEO’s in order, and 14 A321NEO’s. The airline will start taking delivery of these new aircraft in 2018 and 2021 respectively.

Why should this be in Infinite Flight?

I think there are at least three reasons why this beautiful aircraft should be in Infinite Flight:

  • It’s an awesome livery. Just look at it.
  • South American liveries are notoriously lacking, and this airline has enormous potential to dominate the market in Chile and many other countries in the region.
  • Much like what happened with Frontier in the October 2017 update, several aircraft have different animals in the tail, adding the possibility for great variety.

So, what do you think? Would you fly it if it was added? Do you like it? Any feedback?
Tell me!

This is much needed as I would love to use this livery when flying in Chile. I need to remove a vote though.


That is a really nice livery! It will be a nice addition.

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Great request, well thought out and along with a beautiful livery makes a wonderful topic.

Well done!

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My favorite animal is the Peregrine Falcon, I love it!!

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Glad to see you were able to do that!

@Cole_Collins I know! It is such a beautiful livery. I truly think it’s one of the best A320 liveries.

@dylonez thank you!

@anon7075715 Really? Well, that’s another great reason to vote for it!



Not what I expected.

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You got a vote from me. I’d never heard of JetSmart until my trip into South America, but having spent many hours seeing them at airports you got a vote.

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Great livery request, would be a nice addition although, I’m out of votes :/

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Why not?
Were you expecting a real bird? Lol

@S_Olejniczak I know! They’re very unheard of but the livery is just outstanding.

@UnsaltedPeanuts That’s alright, consider voting when you have a spare one though!

Very nice livery, has great potential in Chile, I would fly the route when hd terrain comes around in South America.

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Certainly. We know the devs have the intention of adding HD imagery in South America not far from now. It would be great.

And if they don’t succeed, I’ll be surprised. Especially after ordering 100+ planes, they better do well.

Do you mean NEOs? Just checkin’

Currently, they operate 5 (or maybe 6 now?) A320 CEOS. The NEOS are coming later.

Ohhh opsies

Quite stupid on my behalf

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With South America confirmed to get HD by the end of 2018, I think it is time to re-evaluate this livery. More than ever, I think this livery is absolutely necessary. This plane flies to airports you simply cannot miss when South America gets high quality terrain, like Calama, Punta Arenas, Lima, Iquique, Concepción, etc.


Bump.Would be nice to see this oin IF