Jets with auto land?

Are there any other jets with auto land or is it just the Boeing 737 bbj, like any Airbus have it

Just the bbj

Ok thanks that’s what I was wondering

Just the BBJ at the moment. The devs have said they are adding it to more jets but this takes time. This is unconfirmed but is suspect the A320 may get this feature when it is released…

A320 is confirmed with autoland. Aernaut posted a photo for Matt that shows the new A320 along with its HUD.


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The Airbus A320 is confirmed to have autoland.

(From Aeronaut and Matt)

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when will it be realeased?


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Sorry, Honest Mistake. :P

Hopefully they will add it to 747-200 and 400 i would prefer it on 747-400 and hopefully if they add the airbus a300 they will includ autoland

There are going to be so many airbuses on live mode when the update comes out.

I think most newer generation jets in the world have it… So 737nextgen, 747-8, 777-200er/lr, 777-300/er, 787-8 and -9, a320 family, a330, a340, a350, a380, crj-700/900/1000, cs100/300, erj-145, erj-170,175,190,195, tu 334 (maybe), Md-90’s and 717-200’s probably all have auto land. Would be cool to see in if

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I’m just wondering when the next update is im very curious to know what new goodies we will have for auto land

I truly hope the devs don’t waste another 6 months on an update that solely has the A320 and autoland on more planes…

Agreed-What use is autoland, it’s just an extra feature to make it easier for pilots to “land” the plane. Sure it is on real airplanes, but it kind of defeats the purpose of flying a final approach :/


@Boeing707 exactly - if I wanted to watch a plane land I’d go to YouTube, not IF

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Where did you get this picture?

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Yeah he posted the photo on the podcast.