Jets Escorting Planes on Expert

Quick question, are you aloud to escort a commercial aircraft with a fighter jet on expert server? I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times randomly while doing a commercial flight, I thought it was cool, but I don’t know if it is actually written anywhere that you can or cannot. So is it aloud or not?

You can yes, should you randomly do it? No because some pilots wouldn’t like it.


You can, just make sure you’re not disturbing their flight by going into them, etc.

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FORGOT TO MENTION: I once got ghosted for doing this

I personally wouldn’t, If I was you I’d coordinate it with pilots prior.

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Well don’t do it near an airport with IFATC unless you both have “Flight of 2” they’ll think you’re a troll I think

oh so if you do it you should always contact beforehand?

Ohhh that makes sense, I bet they thought I was trolling. It was kind of a while ago as well and I think it was my first ever ghost

Do it with someone you can have communications with. Via slack, discord, or the community pm’s. Ask first then do it😉

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