Jets at Orlando Executive

Featuring a Dassault Falcon and a Challenger 300… enjoy.

Saw these walking to the plane for my flight lesson… unfortunately cancelled due to low clouds 🥴


Low clouds? 🧐

Private jets are the perfect mix between commercial and private aviation, I love them

What’s the confusion? I’m not yet instrument rated. You can sort of see low clouds in the second picture near the back. It got a lot worse about 30 mins after these were taken.

Awesome! I’m over here in Kissimmee and I live right behind Kissimmee gateway airport. I get to see these beauties land on rw15 pretty much every day.

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That’s beautiful. After my lesson was cancelled I hopped over to Orlando Intl. and plane spotted. Really cool stuff :)

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Now that you say, there are a few clouds here and there

Yeah, it got very hazy unfortunately. Florida has been unforgiving with weather these past few weeks.

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Btw where did u go to spot at orlnado? I’m wanting to do the same just dont know a good spot

South parking lot. No google directions available, just go to Orlando where the terminals are and follow the signs on the right side that lead you to the parking lot. You know you’re going the right way if you say a gas station near the entrance. If you need any more clarification just lmk.

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Wow look nice! 👌

Cool pics 😍 nice to see all those planes at Orlando Executive I see them a lot!

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