JetPhotos Login problem

I’m trying to log into jet photos to submit some IRL photos, I signed up then tried to log in after confirming my account, then I log in and it says log in failed, so I reset password then I used the new password and it still says login failed. Can anyone help.


PS- I know this is an IF forum but im in desperate need of help

This is the infinite flight forum. Please use the jet photos forum for help.


You might want to ask this question on the Jetphotos forum. As you said, this is an IF forum and even I as a Jetphotos photographer don’t know how to answer that question

EDIT: thanks for beating me to it @Chris_Wing 😉


Where are you trying to log into? On a computer or Tablet?

I am trying to log into on both

Ok, so I had this issue before,

Did you click forgot password?

yes I did and this is all that has been happening

Ok, did it send you the password and did you enter it in correctly?

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yes I did.

Ok. Your best bet is to use the link that Chris sent above for help

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the problem is, I cant post for some reason

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This is not the appropriate platform.