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Hi there,
As many of you know, I am an avid aviation photographer, and since some of my shots turn out pretty well, I try uploading them to a variety of different AvPhoto websites, and one of them is
I have a lot to say about it, first off that they do have high quality photos, but that is because they attract some of the best aviation photographers in the whole world, and obviously their shots usually look spectacular.
Next, JP annoys me because they seem a bit too severe, and some of their judgements seem harsh and nit-picky when you are trying to upload photos.
Another problem is that they do have a forum, but I find it to be un-helpful and quite annoying as well. When asking for advice on photos, I either get no response or one that just doesn’t.
Por ejemplo,

Image not full quality

I thought this shot was pretty good, but apparently there were issues with it. Specifically, “Bad composition” (?), “Dark/Underexposed” (I understand this one, it is a tad dark), and then “Categories wrong or missing” (I put the right categories in, I don’t understand this either).

Anyways, are there any other spotters on here that have issues with JetPhotos?


@Moritz will be your guy, he has alot of experience with Jet Photos.

Now I’m not a Jet Photos employee, but I think the bad composition has to do with the 737 in the back and maybe the tractor. Hopefully some of the more experienced spotters than me can help you out. :)

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Alright, the bad composition comes from the aircraft not being in the center of the photo (it’s off to the right)


Yeah, I’ve had my ups and downs with JetPhotos. I just got over 300 and I feel like taking a break until next year. I feel like just sticking to Instagram and doing my own thing sometimes.


If you click to see the full picture it’s not perfect, but it’s more centered…

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What is your jetphotos account? These pictures seem cool and I want to see more!

The bad composition comes from the aircraft being too high and to the right in the frame. It is also a bit too dark like you pointed out. What categories did you select?

JetPhotos is not an easy place to get photos on. It takes time, and it’s not something you learn overnight. I’ve had my fair share of rejections, and still get them after almost a year of uploading there. It takes time, just keep doing what you’re doing.


My JetPhotos account is quite underwhelming, instead I’ll give you my flightaware photos account (they are much more lenient as there is no screening)

@Matt737 I picked private, maybe that was wrong?

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I have. I posted a pic with a tiny dot of a reflection on the far right not even near the plane and 1 landing gear was missing so they turned it down. And the gear was just the wheel.

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This is what the “Operator” section should look like.

Then you have the categories. It should have night shot selected because it was taken at sunset or sunrise (or near those times), as well as business jet.

I bet it was the night shot category not being selected that caused that reject reason.


Yeah, I’ve clicked the whole image. I’m it’s too far to the right. The desitance between the horizontal stabilizer and the right edge of the pic should be the same as the nose to the left edge.

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