Hey all!
Have you ever been wondering about that flight you took 8 years ago that you can’t remember the registration of the plane? Do you want to have a complete list of all your flights?

I found this cool website called It allows you to put in information about your flights, gain awards, etc. Signing up is free and quick. While there’s a lot to this website, I’ll just show you how to get past flight information. This website can even tell you flight information from as early as the early 1990’s!

When you get to the home screen, click the signup button on the bottom right.

As you can see, signing up is free and easy, it shouldn’t take you longer than a minute!

When you get to the main screen, hover over “FLIGHTS”. On the pop-up bar, click “NEW FLIGHT” on the left. (Yes, I’ve been on much more than 3 flights, I’m just not done putting them all in yet lol)

Put in the departure and arrival airport of the flight you want to look up, and the date. For example, I did KISP as the departure airport and KFLL as the arrival airport, on April 7th 2011.

It’ll show a list of flights that operated on that day. Click on yours!

Here’s some additional (not required) information you can put in.
If you look at the bottom, it’ll show you the registration of the plane you took. Personally, this has been something I’ve always been looking for, considering that was my first ever flight, so I was very happy!
The last page, is notes about the flight or some information you can add in.

That’s all I’ll be showing you. If you want to see all the flights you took, hover over “FLIGHTS” and click “Flight Centre” or “Your timeline”.
There’s plenty more to this site, but I haven’t really explored it yet. It even has a pretty cool infographic and stats about your flights. There’s people that have accumulated literally thousands of flights, and they’re pretty high on the leaderboards. Go give it a look!

Have you heard of/used this website before you saw this thread?

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And, when you add all your flights in, show us your list below!


Great post, Rocco! I am definitely going to use this for my flight next week.


I haven’t used this before but it looks so amazing! I’ll input the registrations into my “App in the Air” account.


I tried to use the mobile version. But for some reasons it doesn’t show either the flight number nor the registration unfortunately. 🙁

At least I could use it for my lastest flights. Thanks for the reccomendation, Rocco 😊


Have you tried desktop? Maybe it would work there

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I’ll try it later. This is the view in Mobile

Love this! Just signed up :)

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