JetGo Embraer 135

JetGo is a small Australian airline operating a little fleet of cute Embraer 135s. They’ve got a nice colour theme on their liveries with a blend of white plus touches of orange and brown across the skinny fuselage and stubby tail.

The low down, funny looking wings and flat sides of the engines look unusual but I love the Dash 8 nose on the aircraft


This livery rocks!

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Whatever you think.

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I have done that too, you just dont seem to realise that likes arent life and whatever you requests will probably never get added (less known, defunct airline)

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I love the look of the ERJ-135/145… WAY more than the CRJs

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So you guys are going to have a war or talk about this topic. I do like this livery and I have a weird liking for Australian liveries.


Well that’s the way it turned out. It seems he doesn’t use the ‘PM’ tool available to him 😂