Jetbridges to 2L

Is it possible to connect single jetbridges to the second door instead of the first?



Laura has implied in the staff livestream that eventually, they would want to make a system when bridges can be assigned. For now, its automatic, but I’m sure additions would be added in the future


Oh wow that would be quite cool! I didn’t even think of it.

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Yes this is usually done a lot on the 757 in fact the only time I flew on a 757 they connected the jet bridge to the second door in Charlotte


On my flight from Quito, Ecuador bound to Atlanta onboard Delta’s B757. This would be a cool feature tho for more realism!

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Is there also a plan to make the staircases movable when out on the ramp? 😁


I had 2 bridges connect to both left side doors in the 77W at LFPG

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You can vote this feature.


Thank you so much

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Your Welcome.

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This is refering to a single bridge connecting to 2l instead of 1L which can look awkward sometimes

Well thats not Stairs Moving feature request but its for tunnel stairs just to be added to the airport not moving

Edit: Just add common Sense

That feature will included moving animation. No need to have separate feature.

Lol !! I’m shocked and



What where was that

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That’s at RPLL Terminal 1 gate 10

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It’s not edited just in case

OH boi it looks good

Yeah, I notice and confirm that too in RPLL. But i forgot what gate # I spawned but I was in T2.