Jetbridges at YSCB Do Not Work

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: iOS 15.6.1

Every time I spawn in or manually park at YSCB the jetbridges don’t seem to function properly and the game spawns a stair truck. I don’t think this is a device end issue as jetbridges work in other airports.


Hi there,

Thanks for the report I’ll pass it onto the editor.



Hi mate, is this is version 22.7?

Yeah it is, however it also happened in 22.6.

I was aware of the issue which I then made a fix for it in 22.7, ill look into it again and see why it keeps being unassigned

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The fix was after the 11th September. Everything done after 11th of September is not in this update and will show up in next one most likely.
Looked fine in the editor as of now @Chris_Hoss .

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Yeah because it’s fine on my end. Will have to wait for the next release date, sorry guys for the inconvenience

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Say goodbye to editing buddy ‘ol pal. 😈 #fail