Jetbridges at HNL

Hello everyone, I just finished a flight from MIA to HNL. When I arrived at HNL, I saw that the jetbridges are like the ones that are in JFK. It used to be just fine in the last update.

I hope the 3D airport editors are aware of this and fix this problem as soon as possible!

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Operating system: Android 11
IF version: 22.4


I’m unable to find any gates with no jetbridges present at PHNL. What gate were you at? Do they reappear if you restart the app and re-spawn at the airport?

If not, what are your 3D density settings? Your screenshots seem to lack most models (vehicles, cones, towbars & jetbridges etc) in and around the gates.


Hello! Seems like the jetbridges reappeared after I restarted the app. I don’t exactly know what happened in the first place, but all the jetbridges seem to disappear when I was doing the flight. Thanks for the quick respond!