Jetbridge Issues

Hey there. Last two days i’ve had multiple different issues regarding the jet bridges. First one was the jet bridges going through the aircraft, second was the jet bridges not rendering. And yes, I tried resetting cache, IF, and my iPad on both occasions.

This was at LFMN yesterday. They both went straight through the aircraft. The L2 bridge went through the engine as well. They also moved significantly faster than they usually do. Normally, it would’ve taken the L2 bridge over 30 seconds to fully connect. It got to the position you see above after about five seconds.

This was at KJFK about 10 minutes ago. They don’t load past the first segment. This was present on all of the bridges at the whole airport. Resetting cache, IF, and iPad didn’t help. Also worth noting that when I tried connecting the bridges, the “No jet bridges available” pop up appeared.

If anyone knows what’s going on please lmk, i’ve never seen this before.


2020 iPad 7th Generation
iPadOS 15.3.1
LFMN and KJFK respectively

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Both of those are known issues and will be fixed in future updates. For LFMN, the editor has noticed previous reports of it and has fixed the issue - that’ll likely be released in the next version. As for KJFK - there have been issues making jet bridges work there and there is no known ETA on when jet bridges will work there.

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ahh okay, didn’t know these were already known. i looked thru support but didn’t see anything

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