Jetbridge going underground bug occurring at KJFK

Similar bug to this one:

Other information:

  • Device: iPad 8 Generation
  • Version: 22.1 (1498)

So this issue is occurring at KJFK’s Terminal 8 Gates 32G and 32F


Also, I had a look at the other gates around the airport and I could not see it reoccur anywhere else.

You can board the subway now


All issue with Jetbridge are already been reported. They will fixed it on the next update.

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Good to know, I wasn’t aware of that when I made this. Thanks for the info!

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That jet bridge looks like it will connect to the F-18 fighter jet! 😂😂

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Hi there,

KJFK hasn’t been able to receive animated jetbridges due to some ongoing works. The airport is currently being worked on to fix and improve various parts of its layout for a better user experience. I’ll check this jetbridge out and report to the editor.

Thanks for the report!


Thanks for that @Ecoops123! I’ll flag this for closure!

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