Jetbridge Connection Trouble at Halifax International

Hello folks! Yesterday I was flying from CHYZ (Halifax) to CYYZ (Toronto), but before departure i noticed a problem with the jetbridge.

I hit connect bridges, however, it did not fully connect to the aircraft, it came out and just stopped. This took place at Gate 12.

Below I will attach a screenshot.

Hey Deakin! Thanks a lot for the report. I’ll have this forwarded to the editor of this airport and a fix for this will come in a future update. No timeframe will be given, but rest assured, it will be resolved.

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Hey there my friend! Sounds great! Thanks for the help and reply!

Have a great day!!

I was unable to reproduce this issue with various 737 and A320 aircraft after making a slight adjustment. This should be fixed in a future app update. Sorry about that!

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