Jetbridge clipping through engine (Jakarta, WIII)

Hi, I’ve noticed that at Jakarta Terminal 3 (main pier) the jedbrige for door 2L clipped through the engine while getting attached and deattached. I guess that should be fixed.
It happened on an Airbus A330-900, I don’t know how many other aircraft (or airports) are affected

What gate? Saying Terminal 3 is rather vague.

This was Gate G56, though I’d assume that the entire main pier is affected, as all these gates share this layout that allows for either two narrowbody or one widebody aircraft, depending on what’s needed.
This means, G53, G49, G46, G43, G39, G36, G33, G29, G26, G23, G19 and G16 might have the same issue

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Forwarded this topic to the editors responsible. Thanks for the report.

Alright, thanks