Jetbridge bug LIEO

Hello all, I am not sure if this bug is reported before but the jetbridges do not work at LIEO. I tried several things with the position of the aircraft but the stairs will always connect to the plane. See the picture below.

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Hey! Is that just at a specific gate or for all of them? It just appears to be that the jetbridge isn’t assigned to that gate which can happen. I’ll inform the editor

I did not try any other gates. But all of the jetbridges should work imo

G’day @Roubsan,

This issue had been spotted pre-release following the airports approval. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the issue wasn’t able to be rectified in time.

It should most definitely be fixed in the next update!


Thanks for the clarification. A moderator may close this topic as the bug will be resolved.

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