Jetbridge at VHHH

GATE E5. It is A380

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Do you know if this gate specifically permits A380’s parking?

no it does not know

Alright, then its not exactly an issue. I would advise parking at gates that do permit A380 parking IRL. This isn’t an issue because jetbridges are placed in app according to their IRL counterpart for the aircraft that they are to be hooking up to.

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Actually this happens to the A380 no matter what airport I tho it’s because the canopy doesn’t move

I think this might actually be an A380 gate. Don’t quote me on that, though.


Yes, Gate N5 (or E5 in IF) should accommodate the A380. (Fun fact: You can refer to the airport guide I wrote on Hong Kong International)

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@DeerCrusher see it

This does happen in many cases in IF.
The main reason is that all aircraft park at the same spot when you spawn in, where they have different positions (for their nose wheel) in real life. If you compare the large airframes you could notice that the A380 is relatively short compared to other airframes like the B78X or the B763.

I have forwarded this to the editor, may be he can tweak the stand location a bit.

The mismatching Canopy is a known issue.