jetBlue Virtual

Welcome to jetBlue Virtual’s new official VA topic page!

Here at jetBlue Virtual we strive for greatness and are working hard to bring you guys the BEST that we can offer. We are a very active VA consisting of very friendly pilots and staff. You can fly with us one of our many routes, and even more coming with global! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our Fleet

The A320 is the fleet’s main aircraft that is used to fly most of our routes. From Seattle all the way to St. Thomas, you are almost guaranteed to see one of these beauties flying around!

The E-190 is our “short-haul” work horse. This aircraft is mostly used for shorter flight and is much smaller than the A320 and A321.

Unfortunately the jetBlue a321 is currently not included in Infinite Flight. Once it is added, it will be included.

Pilot Trainer-@Cori
more of our staff’s names will be added soon, but for now will remain disclosed[/details]

You can contact us by sending a member or myself a PM or by emailing us at We will gladly respond to all questions, comments, or concerns!

Thank you for considering to check us out! You can find our new website HERE where you can apply there (new website coming soon to accommodate for global!). Join us to become apart of the jetBlue Virtual team, and one of Infinite Flight’s leading VAs!

Remember, Fly Blue!

Note: This is the same jetBlue Virtual as before


Good luck with jetBlue virtual airline🙂


Really feels like a family here, I’m proud to fly with u guys through anything!


we hope that you have success with your virtual airline here at Big Bear VA.
Good Luck!


Good luck with your VA

Etihad VA


I might join. Can you link the website in the post?

click where it says “here”, then click apply :)

Oh, sorry didn’t see that lol. Thanks!

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Does this mean I’m still in the VA?

Well you were removed, so to join you will have to apply and go through the whole application process again.

Wow. That makes no sense. But I’ll apply now.

Good luck with your VA from United Virtual!


Good Luck with your VA

Delta VA


nice looking VA and website, good luck, look forward to seeing you guys in the air!


is this a different JetBlue virtual from the active one thats been operating or are you guys just now creating this post.

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Lol it’s the same one. Our other official thread was closed and unlisted because our old CEO was banned. I think there is a little confusion about that. We are the same JetBlue Virtual. :)


Can i join


Apply on our website :)

Does it require live ?

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Applied. Should be fun!