JetBlue Virtual New CEO

That’s because they are made at me. They just kicked me now. And, @CaptainJC, that’s why you consider w long time ago? Wow.

1 month ago for your information.

This should help you

According to our handbook, we have the right to remove you from the VA if you are inactive for 30 days or more. And I would call that inactive.

I was not inactive for no 30 days. I showed up to the event that was hosted 2 weeks ago! Just because I’m inactive from the slack, doesn’t mean I should get kicked.

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This is off-topic please take this to PM.

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That’s practically eternity



Nuff said…

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According to our handbook the staff have the right to kick inactive members if they are gone for two weeks, so you perfectly fit.

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Stop lying! Stop the lying everyone! Please! One of you are saying 30 days, and the other is saying 2 weeks!

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You said two weeks… That’s still inactive :|

it’s right here, and please calm down a bit, have a good day :)

Is it this one?

Or this one?

The plot thickens.


Calm down, this clownery isn’t worth it.

If the story isn’t straight, I don’t even wanna know what the flightplans look like! :D


Yes, thank you.

This is off topic from the conversation, if u would like to make fun of us pm me

If you have any more complaints, requests, claims, or lies… Just take it to pm. Thanks

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If you have any suggestions, comments lies, please do not PM me. Thank you.

Pointing out that there are two different standards isn’t “making fun”

If a fellow member needs a little help to realize that these word games aren’t worth it then i’m glad to help.

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Calm down bud, it’s ok. This isn’t you’re fight, now let’s leave in peace, good day.