JetBlue Virtual New CEO

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, I will be taking over as the new CEO of jetBlue Virtual Airlines on behalf of our former CEO’s Benny87654321 and Sean Tea. However, they will still manage the website and will be big parts of our VA. If you have any questions, please contact me. A new official post for jetBlue VA will be up shortly.


I am guessing this is your va’s new thread?

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no we will be making a new one shortly. We just needed to get the message out ASAP


@Henrik said I was, but anyway, it doesnt matter.

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See here…

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It has been decided by the members, Benny, and Sean Tea that I will be taking over of this VA. If there is any confusion please feel free to PM me.

Yes, but both of them are suspended. (@Hubandspoke1 is suspended for life, @Benny87654321 until 2019!)

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Although they are suspended, they are still apart of this VA. End of story.

That doesn’t mean you can take over the VA @PlanesForLife, you aren’t currently part of it :|… @dylan_dylan31 is currently part of it and has been appointed to be CEO by @benny87654321 and @hubandspoke1 as said before by @dylan_dylan31


Ah, so they’ll be calling the shots from IF Correctional Facility? 😆


Don’t know, don’t care.

The smiley indicated a joke.

Doesn’t look like a smiley it’s a taunting face it’s scaring me lol

Is this better? 😅

I am part of the VA get your facts right.


You were discharged from the VA for inactivity.

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You were kicked for inactivity, my facts are correct @PlanesForLife :|

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No I was not, and when I say your facts are wrongs, they are.

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You were removed from our slack channel a long time ago and it is not even listed on your profile anymore…

When is “a long time ago”?

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