JetBlue Virtual Applications!

JetBlue finally is accepting applications! Just fill out the form and if you pass we will send you to testing! You will be notified if you passed within 24 hours.
Fill this out and you might just get hired!


Yes all applicants will go through a testing flight to see your capabilities and whether you need training to become a part of our va :)

The application is now fixed. We are being a limited amount of pilots so be quick.

@HairlineAirlines please resubmit the form.

Doing it right now, sorry about that!

Don’t worry there wasnt a pilot option. It is fixed now.

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We already have pilot that are being a examined and are already hired! Keep it up.


If you filled out that one you must fill out form 1. Form 1 is the correct one.

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Just applied! Hopefully I could take part of JetBlue and make it the best!

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I hope so too!

Jetblue has the a321 as well!

Yes, but behind the scenes …

It wasn’t a compliment …

It’s not true. Behind the scenes, everyone that has applied has been contacted and is in the process of being recruited

We do not use the A321 unless the person who joined doesn’t have either plane.

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Just finished my test!

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Yea fun…

Glad to have you on the team!

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Can If Live and Evan Merkle pm me plz!

I just applied. Hope you guys accept me. Thanks for the opportunity.