jetBlue Virtual Airline Event Manager Job Opening
If you are interested in this job please fill this out. You have 5 hours to do so. You will be notified if you did or did not get the job in 5 hours.

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I hope everyone who applies is as excited as I am for this brand new VA!

That’s right we are looking for personal that are very creative and very good at making the best out of the va

Remember you have 5 hours!

GOOD LUCK everyone

Great applications guys keep it up!

We are looking for very creative members. If you got what it takes take the 5 min form

Only one person has filled out an application. Take a shot and fill one out!

Please do not advertise to put the topic in “Recently Posted” board. Other users will know about it and will fill out a form, if they want to. :)

We just want to make sure everyone has a chance because you could be the only one who has seen this

It says 24 views…


I rest my case

One hour left guys!

Ten minuets left!

Form is closed!

It’s still open…
Now it’s closed

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Ok do you guys want to know who it is going to be?

It’s is Ryan Greene!

Yay congrats Ryan for you new position at jetBlue virtual!

It’s is Ryan Greene! Congrats!